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  • Mariana
    I started to go to the pool and after a few weeks felt itching between the toes. With time it spread on the foot, and most of all adds an unpleasant odor. Health education was not necessary, to understand that it is a fungus. Remembered that the day before, saw the comment on the cream tinedolso decided to try. It is done well, the symptoms have passed very quickly, and especially re-infection has not occurred, even in spite of the fact that the water aerobics classes I do not leave you. Therefore, I advise everyone to try tinedol!
  • Martim
    I don't know where was able to identify that kind of stuff, but the cholera delivered me a lot of inconvenience. The feet and the shoes started to smell weird, also, that I respect the hygiene. Go to the doctor I am shy so decided to do self-medication. Bought a pomade. Some were taking away the itching and the smell, but only on time, some are a little released symptoms, and it is only at the time of the application. I realized that to be shy over it you can not, when I noticed that the skin is already covered in small wounds. The doctor advised me cream tinedoland it is simply salvation. The fungus has not returned since three months, as well as recommend it to all!
  • Beatriz
    My daughter came to the camp of the children and has started to complain of itching stop. Without delay, we went to see the doctor. Turned out to be a fungus. The doctor suggested cream Tinedol and said that, despite completely the composition to be secure, it is very effective. A couple of times, I have caused the cream, and the third time, the girl has already refused to heal, so that nothing bothers them, but the courses all the same, we are done. At the end of a few weeks, I have felt that he himself contracted, decided to a doctor not to go, and has appointed Tinedolwho has also faced a!
  • Diogo
    I have long thought that the bad smell of the feet – this is natural. But when it began to crack, and the nail plate becomes thicker, I have realized that it is time to see a specialist. I was prescribed the rate of special pills and cream tinedol. The result was not made to wait a long time – now live without shame of the "feel" of the feet.
  • Maria
    The husband where he got hooked on the fungus, but the doctor, of course, driving was not possible (here, all arguments are impotent), so I decided to see on the forums, which helped. Everything is very rented Tinedolso I decided to order it. I don't know, like could have done another drug, but was withdrawn the symptoms very quickly, and the relapse after the end of the use of the cream husband was not. So I recommend to all!
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